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lo Zingarelli 2016 Dictionary

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loZingarelli contains the full text of the Zingarelli 2016 Italian Dictionary published by Zanichelli, with full text, headword and inflected form search feature. It is possible to look up words contained in definitions, examples, etc, by means of a single tap. If the app is activated first, this feature can also be used to consult the dictionary from other applications using the “Share via” function. Click on the note icon to listen to the correct pronunciation of a headword. This function requires an internet connection.- more than 144 000 entries, 380 000 meanings, 44 600 expressions and idioms- phonetic transcriptions and audio pronunciations of Italian words- indication of inflected forms of verbs, adjective and nouns- 964 information boxes on nuances of meaning- 102 original and exclusive "author's definitions". Personal definitions by famous figures from the world of art, literature, film and science- indication of the 5500 most important Italian words, 3125 “words to save”- more than 9300 synonyms and 2000 antonyms, 2350 comparisons, 118 tables of specific terminology- colour illustrations- more than 11 600 literary quotations by 123 authors - specific indication of more than 3900 grammatical constructions (addetto a or addetto per?)- hyphenation of words that may cause difficulty- usage notes
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